We Bring Well-Being to the Workplace

WellGig delivers mentor led, interactive Quests that are fun, engaging and form healthy behaviors inside employee populations.

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Most wellness programs don't work because they use a one-size fits all approach. Ours is just the opposite. Well-Quests are designed to meet the Whole Person needs of each employee. Right where they're at.

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Our Mission Is Employee Well-Being

We work with some of the best authors and coaches in the wellness industry.
Using our unique WellQuest platform, we guide individuals through a series of engaging, purpose-driven
Quests , reinforcing healthy behaviors that ultimately lead to sustainable healthy outcomes.


Discovering our purpose and our strengths creates laser focus and direction for accomplishing one’s mission.  Without a purpose we wander around aimlessly. We help your employees find their purpose.


In terms of nutrition and good health, you are what you eat -- no matter what age you are. We help guide employees to take incremental steps, leading to healthier food choices that support well-being both at work and home.


Spiritual beliefs play a significant role in our ability to cope with adverse events in life. Spiritual practices may offer social and emotional support, help people find meaning and purpose in life, provide comfort in times of grief, and provide ethical and moral guidelines that many choose to live their lives by.


From yoga to running to walking the dog more frequently, we create quests that help employees, across multiple age demographics, get from point A to point B.


No man or woman is an island.  We were designed to be part of a tribe that aligns with our purpose.


Understanding and applying financial well-being is a critical component for individuals and families to achieve a more resilient financial future.

As a Great Place To Work Partner, we are dedicated to helping companies develop strong employer brands,
and helping their employees get healthier and achieve greater well-being.